Permanent Makeup & Needling

Receiving the best permanent makeup training in the world under Master Cosmetic Tattoo Artist John Hashey – one of the true pioneers of the industry, we offer the following cosmetic services using only pigments, machines and needles that are FDA Approved and made in the United States.

Permanent Makeup (includes One Touch Up)
Eyeliner (Upper or Lower)
Eyeliner (Upper & Lower)
Lash Enhancement
Lip Liners
Full Lips
Eyebrow Hairstrokes
Microblading (Semi-Permanent)
A semi-permanent technique where pigment is implanted under the skin using a manual tool instead of a machine creating the effect of hairs in the brows.
Touch Up
Scar Camouflage
A medical tattooing procedure using a pixilation technique of blending colors to closely match the skin's natural color patterns.
Tattoo Removal (Per Square Inch)
Using the first all natural hypertonic saline solution, pigment/ ink can be safely removed without scarring. A needling or tattoo procedure is performed to allow the solution to enter the cells to expose the particles of pigment making it possible for the body to naturally remove the pigment through the epidermis.
Microneedling Face
Microneedling Scar (Per Inch)